16 March 2016

word: xazma

xazma : rain : not inspired by words in other languages; the first part of xazma is onomatopoeia of a moderate summer rain-shower falling on the tile roofs and cobblestone roads of some subtropical village that exists only in the imagination; I don't know where the -ma ending came from

14 March 2016

word : xarmo

xarmo : automobile, car : a blend of Canadian French char and the mo- from words like English motorcar, Tamil mōṭṭār, Swahili motokaa etc.

12 March 2016

word: xanta

xanta : Monday : a combination of xanda and denta

10 March 2016

word : zonta

zonta : Sunday : a fusion of zonzu and denta, it coincidentally sounds vaguely similar to German Sonntag

08 March 2016

word: vezda

vezda : star : inspired by Czech hvězda, Bulgarian zvezdá,  Russian zvezda, Lithuanian žvaigždė

06 March 2016

word: luxni

luxni : light (visible energy) : inspiured by Spanish luz, Italian luce, Hindi raušnī … another one of the few non-adjectives ending with i

04 March 2016

word: bodru

bodru : tree : synthesized from Dutch boom, Spanish árbol, Albanian dru, Greek dendro

02 March 2016

word: bidza

bidza : pizza : from English pizza /pitsə/, Arabic bitzā